tisdag 4 september 2012

Hannas fantastiska sång

Måste tipsa er alla om denna fantastiska låt skriven av Hanna Hedayati, elev på en av våra FN-skolor. Klok och insiktsfull och inspirerad av FN-förbundet!

Så här skriver Hanna själv om låten:

I decided to make a song about the world and human rights in high school. I have written the music and lyric by myself.

I was influenced by various artists and their songs about peace such as Michael Jackson's We are the world and Christina Aguilera's Lift me up for Hope for Haiti.

The song has a UN theme because my goal was to spread it to as many as possible to spread the message of peace and therefore I also contacted the UN to see if they were interested in helping me spread my song which they were.

This song is called We Will Live made by me - Hanna Hedayati - and it is a song for the world.

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